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  The mouse animal model is the most widely used animal model in the study of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) infection.It can simulate the development process of human tuberculosis to varying degrees, and can more accurately evaluate the pathological damage, survival time and immunological mechanism of tuberculosis. In order to study the physiological characteristics of MTB in the infected state, the expression of antigen and explain the occurrence, maintenance and activation of MTB infection, it provides information on pathogens and can also evaluate various tuberculosis treatment drugs.
  The standard strain H37Rv of Mycobacterium tuberculosis was recovered and restored to virulence. After being thoroughly ground by a dispersing instrument, it was diluted with physiological saline as a working bacterial solution. The mice were inoculated by tail vein injection/nebulization infection. Evaluate the effect of the model construction by iso-organ load and tissue section results, and establish a mouse model of tuberculosis infection.
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