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  Co-immunoprecipitation technology, referred to as Co-IP for short, is a classic method for studying protein interactions based on the specific interaction between antibodies and antigens. It is an effective method to determine the physiological interaction of two proteins in intact cells. method. The principle is that when cells are lysed under non-denaturing conditions, many protein-protein interactions that exist within intact cells are preserved. If X is immunoprecipitated with antibodies to protein X, protein Y bound to X in the body can also be precipitated. At present, prorein A is pre-bound to the cured beads to react with the antigen-containing solution and antibody. Prorein A on the beads can capture the antigen and further capture the protein bound to it. This method is often used to determine whether two target proteins interact in vivo, and can also be used to determine a new target for a specific protein.
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