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     In 2004, she returned to China and devoted himself to TB research. Aiming at the problems of low TB detection rate, short vaccine protection period and drug tolerance, he took the lead in using the new vision and innovative thinking of system biology and translational medicine to carry out cross-department and cross-field research and development teams. She has published more than 90 papers in SCI journals such as Nature Genetics, Cell Research, Cell reports and so on, and obtained more than 40 patents.

   She has been awarded the "national innovation first prize", selected as the "ten thousand people plan", the "innovation team leader of national key areas of innovation talent promotion plan", the "pearl river talent" innovation team leader of guangdong province, the Chinese academy of sciences macromolecular center of excellence backbone talents. In 2018, she was elected as the most beautiful person against tuberculosis in China by the highest number of votes in the selection activity of "the most beautiful person against tuberculosis" guided by China national defense consumption association and national health commission, and was honored to receive the award personally from Ms. Peng liyuan, the tuberculosis ambassador.


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